Weathervane is continually in need of capital upgrades to the building, equipment, and tools that help us to produce, promote, and perform the work we do.

The 2022-2023 Wish List includes:

  • New Lobby Flooring ($50,000)**
  • New Lobby Furniture ($40,000)**
  • Piano studio for lessons/audition warmups ($30,000)**
  • New 20ft lift for scene shop and lighting ($8,000)
  • Repainting three rehearsal rooms ($6,000)  After 20 years of use, our rehearsal rooms need freshening up!  And, although the rooms are named, we will add the year of the update and the donor's name on the feature wall of each rehearsal room.**  
  • Commercial Laundry Equipment ($5000) from Akron Community Foundation's Wish Book (Winter, 2023)  Weathervane Playhouse has had a large increase in the number of costumes that need to be laundered during the run of a show.  Currently, the laundry is being handled through a 10-year-old standard household washer and dryer.  A commercial washer and dryer (Speed Queen) with cut the number of hours for laundry by 2/3 to 3/4.
  • Additional power and outlets for the stage ($3,000)
  • Internship for an Education/Lighting Design/Sound Design/Scenic Design student ($1,000)  Students studying performing arts suffered a large gap in their hands-on education due to COVID.  Please help Weathervane and the future of the arts by supporting a hands-on experience for a young artist!
  • New entry mailbox, post, and installation ($1,000)**
  • 6 portable televisions/projectors for education school residency programs ($600)
  • Off-site storage (1 year)
  • Recently retired IPhones and IPads
  • Gift Cards (for volunteer recognition)

** Naming opportunity.

To donate an item to the Wish List, please contact Melanie YC Pepe at 330-836-2626x17 or

Many thanks to these patrons for taking items off the list!
  • New Lightboard: ETC Ion Xe 20 Control Console ($12,000)
    Donated by April and David Demming, Dave Wortman, Ian Haberman, and Richard and Mary Beth Ellison
  • Upright Yamaha Piano ($6,000)
    Donated by James and Maureen Kovach
  • Mainstage Ghost Light ($800)
    Donated by Dave Wortman