Congratulations to the Cast of Matilda!

The team would like to share their heartfelt thanks to the almost 100 performers who auditioned for Matilda, The Musical.  Your auditions left an indelible impression on all of us, and I cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate your dedication, passion, and exceptional skills.  If we don’t have the opportunity to work together on this production, we hope to see you at Weathervane again soon.

Ava Lee - Matilda
Athena Paxos - Matilda
Micah Harvey - Trunchbull
Lindsay Dunphy - Miss Honey
Colin Cook - Mr. Wormwood
Maggie Maust - Mrs. Wormwood
Grayson Griffith - Michael Wormwood
Alex Minyard - Mrs. Phelps/Miss Honey US
Ava Inglett - Bruce
Fiona Stevens - Lavender
Charlotte Ciriaco - Amanda
Avery Tornes - Alice
Ella Bell Peters - Hortensia
Charlie Springer - Nigel
Olivia Russell- Eric
Fiona Cook - Tommy
William Noussias - Rudolpho
Simeon Schmitt - Escapologist
Jordan Benjamin - Acrobat/Mrs. Wormwood US/Dance Captain
Dan Reichert - Children's Performer/Mr. Wormwood US
Ryan Ciriaco - Doctor
Laura Niehaus - Sergei/Trunchbull US
Bryson Berthiaume - Ensemble
Violet Knoblock - Ensemble
Stella Paxos - Ensemble
Gianna Chase - Ensemble
Morgan Lehman - Ensemble
Anika Bhalla - Ensemble
Anna Eaton - Ensemble
Isla Devorss-Peck - Ensemble
Maggie Vollman - Ensemble/Dance Captain
Ella Embry - Ensemble
Katie Dever - Ensemble
Elena Klingler - Ensemble
Madden Rankin - Ensemble
Ben Gonzalez - Ensemble
Clare LaTourette - Ensemble/Acrobat US
Jane Bossler - Ensemble
Alexa Bird - Ensemble