Immediately following one of our performances, we invite you -- the audience member -- to please consider giving a "Thank You Dollar" as you exit the Playhouse.

As you leave our building, you will see two contribution boxes near the lobby's exit doors. If you've enjoyed your Weathervane experience, we encourage you to drop a dollar or two into our "Thank You Dollar" boxes.

As you probably know, earned income via ticket sales accounts for only 65 percent of Weathervane's total expenses. As Weathervane is a not-for-profit organization, the other 35 percent must come from contibutions both large and small. The plain fact is, if each Weathervane patron would give just $1 extra after each show, we would be able to meet our annual goal for Individual Contributions! Won't you please show your appreciation of our performance with a "Thank You Dollar" after the show?

We thank you for your support.