The number of live shows Weathervane will be able to produce on our mainstage will depend on when we are able to re-open safely. Because there are so many unknowns at this time, Weathervane is now focusing on alternate ways to fulfill Weathervane’s Mission: To enrich quality of life and engage the community through theatre and education.

We have converted our Spring and Summer Educational programming to virtual formats and the response has been strong. We were proud to partner with the Akron Zoo and hope to offer more partnership programs in the future. 

In lieu of onstage theatrical performances, Weathervane is producing several short film projects, partnering with other Akron and NorthEast Ohio institutions. FIRST, three short pieces from THE AIRPORT PLAYS by Scott Mullen. Scott Mullen is a winner of TWO of Weathervane’s 8x10 TheatreFest Seasons. He is a longtime Hollywood screenplay analyst and screenwriter, a two-time winner of Amazon Studios screenwriting contest, whose film THE SUMMONING aired on TV One in 2015. His ten-minute plays have been performed from London to New York to Los Angeles and many places in between.

All three scripts from THE AIRPORT PLAYS are filmed at the Akron Canton Airport, who graciously partnered with Weathervane Playhouse. The three titles of the upcoming pieces are:

Directed by Scott K Davis
    JANE, Tabitha Rox
    MARYANNE, Lindsay Ibos
    BLAKE, Bradley Haramis
Directed by Fred Gloor
    PALMER, Tony Heffner
    ZOE, Sarah Menser
Directed by Melanie YC Pepe
    MAX, Michael Moyseenko
    CELESTE, Melissa Moyseenko
    JANE, Amanda Erickson
Filming by Wasted Talent Media
Sound and Lighting by Clear Gold Audio & Lighting
Technical support provided by Audio-Technica USA


NEXT, Weathervane takes to the field at Canal Park, Akron’s own ballpark. Our appreciation to the team at Canal Park for partnering with Weathervane Playhouse and allowing us to film on the green! JUDGEMENT CALL by Frederick Stroppel features three baseball umpires as they warm up for a new season: As three Major League Baseball umpires prepare for the first day of spring training, they debate their roles and the value of America's Pass-time…

JUDGEMENT CALL by Frederick Stroppel
Directed by Melanie YC Pepe
    JOE, Jim Fippin
    FRANK, Jae Snow
    HARVEY, Ryan Ciriaco
Filming by Wasted Talent Media
Sound by Clear Gold Audio & Lighting
Technical Support by Audio Technica

Many safety protocols were followed in creating these films including ZOOM rehearsals, casting actors from the same ‘pod’ and working with a tech crew in two ‘pods’ as well as social distancing of those not within a ‘pod’, masks, disinfecting, temperature checks, a supervising COVID compliance team, and more.

Performances will be aired online throughout October and November, along with cabaret performances and interviews from Weathervane’s past and future shows. Watch Weathervane’s website and our Facebook page, WeathervanePlayhouse/ for our upcoming release!