Weathervane Playhouse is proud to support The 8x10 Naming Committee as they fundraise to rename Weathervane's annual theatre festival in honor of it's founder, Eileen Moushey.  If the funds are raised, the new name will be:

8x10: The Eileen Moushey Theatrefest

Eileen has had a major impact on the Weathervane Playhouse of today. She has acted on Weathervane's stage, directed, served on the Women’s Board as a member and as the president, served on Weathervane's Board of Trustees, both as a trustee and as president, chaired two capital campaigns that raised over 1.5 million dollars for Weathervane and founded Weathervane's annual theatre festival.

The impact of The 8x10 TheaterFest has been considerable: It has brought to Weathervane Playhouse new playwrights, actors, directors, designers, and audiences, and has given volunteers new opportunities to perform, direct, and work behind the scenes.

Please help The 8x10 Naming Committee achieve their fundraising goal and honor Eileen Moushey with your donation to this campign.


This naming of the the Weathervane's annual theatre festival means a great deal to Eileen and her family. Thank you for honoring her contributions and years of service to Weathervane Playhouse.