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November & October Top 20 Volunteers

Thursday, December 10, 2015 12:54:00 PM


Nearly 140 volunteers contributed about 3,700 hours in the month of November!

Our volunteer of the month for November was Chris Simmons, who contributed nearly 100 hours as props designer for A Christmas Carol: The Musical.

Rounding out the top twenty in alpha order:

Karen Burridge - Props Designer - Spelling Bee
Ed Butch - Props Designer - Ordinary Days/Stage Manager - A Christmas Carol
Kelly Chaff - Backstage - A Christmas Carol
Yvonne Chapman - Costume Shop
Wendy Cooley - Volunteer Guild
Roger Dieringer - Scene Shop
Sheila Fitzpatrick - Actor - Ordinary Days
Diane Geul - Costume Shop
Dale Gilbert - Scene Shop
Meg Hopp - Actor - Spelling Bee/box office
Craig Joseph - Actor - Clybourne Park
Beth Kitchen - Backstage - A Christmas Carol
Joshua Larkin - Actor - Spelling Bee
JJ McAdams - Stage Manager - Ordinary Days
John O'Neill - Box Office
Marci Paoulucci - Harris Family Gallery Curator
Moriah Roberts - Actor - Clybourne Park
Jay Sigler - Actor - Spelling Bee
Sue Smith - Box Office/Auditions


Our top 20 volunteers RECORDED nearly 1,400 hours. Total recorded for Oct. is just over 2,000 and an additional 1,800 estimated hours for a total of about 3,800 hours contributed by 122 volunteers.

Our Volunteer of the Month for October was JJ McAdams with 137.5 hours. She worked on the props crew for the run of Dracula and Stage Manager for Ordinary Days.

The rest of the top 20 are listed in alpha order below:

Joseph Ball - actor - "Ordinary Days"
Stacy Bechtel - Gala prep
Isabel Billinghurst - actor - "Ordinary Days"
Ed Butch- Props Designer- "Ordinary Days"
Ralph Cooley - actor - "Dracula"
Wendy Cooley - Volunteer Guild, front-of-house
April Deming - props designer - "Dracula" and Gala prep
Sheila Fitzpatrick - actor - "Ordinary Days"
Meg Hopp - front-of-house "Dracula" and Gala prep and actor - "Spelling Bee"
Siobhan McCarthy - actor - "Dracula"
Jonathan Merechant - backstage crew "Dracula" and actor "Spelling Bee"
Mary Myers - actor - "Dracula"
John O'Neill - box office assistant
Nancy Schafer - front-of-house, Guild, cast supper
Jared Sparks - actor - "Ordinary Days"
Susan Stout-Davis - crew - "Dracula"
Scott Thanasiu - actor - "Ordinary Days"
Parker Thompson - assistant stage manager "A Christmas Carol"
Justin Williams - actor - "Ordinary Days"


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