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Celebrating the Winners of the 2016 8x10 TheatreFest

Sunday, July 17, 2016 5:35:00 PM

A hitwoman, a barber and Schrödinger walk onto stage…what happens next? Weathervane’s annual 8x10 TheatreFest, of course!

These were the scenarios of just some of the eight plays which were presented at Weathervane Playhouse on July 15 to 17, 2016, at the sixth annual 8x10 TheatreFest.

The sixth annual new-works play festival received 160 submissions from 29 states and five countries including Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

All the plays had two things in common — each was 10 minutes long and each featured an envelope of cash. The cash-filled envelope served as the “inspiration” for this year’s contest.

After receiving 160 submissions for this year's contest, volunteer judges read and chose the top-eight plays. The top three playwrights and their plays — as determined by audience vote — receive $150, $250 and $350, respectively.

Audience members at this past weekend's performances also got to vote for the special prop “inspiration” for next year’s competition.


Right after the final performance on Sunday, July 17,  all of the ballots from the weekend's three performances were tallied, and the winners — as determined by the audience members — were announced!


"MYRTLE BEACH SUNRISE" by Vivian C. Lermond of Columbus, Ohio
Directed by April Deming
Featuring Pat Robertell-Hudson, Marci Paolucci and Scott K. Davis


"THIRD WINDOW FROM THE RIGHT" by Scott Mullen of North Hollywood, California
Directed by Brandi Eaton
Featuring Kyla Williger and Mason Shuman


"PORT CITY BLUES" by Jody McColman of Portland, Maine
Directed by Scott K. Davis
Featuring Joshua Larkin, Rose Gabriele and Jay Sigler


Listed in alphabetical order by title:

"ADORABLE DORIS" by Irwin Rosenblum of Sacramento, California
Directed by William Morgan
Featuring Adam C. Alderson, Lacy Sexton and Pat Robertell-Hudson

"CONFESSIONS AT THE AVENUE P BARBER SHOP" by Peter A. Balaskas of Clearwater, Florida
Directed by Will C. Crosby and Joshua Larkin
Featuring Ralph Cooley and Tony Heffner

"SCHRODINGER'S CASH" by Barry Wood of Navenby, Lincolnshire (United Kingdom)
Directed by Jay Sigler and Kyla Williger
Featuring John Williamson, Sue Jeromson and Danielle Gruhler

"SHADOWPLAY" by T. Mason Brown, of Akron, Ohio
Directed by Brian Westerley
Featuring MacKenzie Bogusch, Daniel Walker and Nathan Hach

"VERY PRIVATE DETECTION" by Carl L. Williams of Houston, Texas
Directed by Chanda Porter and Greg Emanuelson
Featuring Adam C. Alderson, Alex J. Nine and Shani Ferry


At the 2016 8x10 TheatreFest, the audience members chose a deck of tarot cards as the "inspirational prop" to be incorporated into the plays for the 2017 8x10 TheatreFest!

Attention aspiring playwrights: Information about the 2017 8x10 TheatreFest will be posted here on the Weathervane Playhouse website in September 2016.

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