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ANNOUNCING the Chanticleer Broadway Show Choir!

Monday, May 11, 2015 12:52:00 PM

We had an amazing turnout for our first audition for Chanticleers!  I was blown away by the talent and professionalism. To those who did not make it this time, be proud for trying and I look forward to seeing you all continue to grow as performers. 

Congratulations to those who made it into our first-ever Broadway Show Choir. We will be sending information about the parent meeting, costume fittings and scheduling toward the end of this week. Please feel free to call Sarah Bailey 330-836-2626 ext. 35 with any questions.  


Sabrina Reed
Kate Klika
Sarah Craven
Hope Spinner
Charlie Gruhler
Anna Clawson
Morgan Isabella
J.R. Heckman
Giovanna Abucejo
Mary Rohrer
Alexis Robles
Jill Klika
Theodore Mansfield
Aliyah Evans
Jamie Mayfield
Abigail Lyman
Giovanna Nestico
Isabelle Bailey
Giovanni Castiglione
Codey Montecalvo
Audrey Halvorson
Elena Flauto
Juliann Reese
Sophie Morath
Isabella Abucejo
Wilson Ha
Hannah Coleman
Bernadette Broscius
Hannah Case
Connor McFalls
Morgan Bedilion
Mae Miller
Elise Clawson
Stanley Niekamp
Danielle Culver
Sara Ha
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