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Announcing our "Wizard of Oz" Cast

Friday, May 23, 2014 12:32:00 PM


TO THOSE WHO AUDITIONED: "I was overwhelmed by the record number amount of young people who auditioned for The Wizard of Oz. I could have cast this show at least three times with a talented cast every time. Please keep in mind that if you didn't make you into the show this time that there will be many other opportunities in the future. Please know that each one of you is a shining star and I am proud to have met you!" ~ Sarah Elaine Bailey

TO THE CAST OF OZ: "Get ready for a magical journey full of hard work and new experiences. So roll up those sleeves, sharpen those pencils, click your heels together three times and fly over to our first rehearsal on Monday, June 2 at 4 p.m. Congratulations!!! To accept your role please E-MAIL ME. ~ Sarah Elaine Bailey


Dorothy Gale KATE KLIKA
Aunt Em / Glinda ALI CALDWELL
Uncle Henry / Emerald City Guard / Winkie General MARCO COLANT
Hunk / Scarecrow J.R. HECKMAN
Hickory / Tin Woodsman AL OLIVER
Zeke / Cowardly Lion MICHAEL D. SWAIN
Professor Marvel / The Wonderful Wizard of Oz CODEY MONTECALVO
Miss Almira Gulch / Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West CAIT McNEAL


Mayor / Poppy / Jitterbug WILSON HA
Coroner / Poppy / Jitterbug SARA HA
Barrister / Poppy / Jitterbug GIOVANNA ABUCEJO
3 Mothers / Poppy / Margie Monkey GABI ILG
3 Mothers / Poppy / Jitterbug JESSICA THRASHER
3 Mothers / Poppy / Mokie Monkey HANNA KANCHERLA
Lullaby League / Poppy / Jitterbug CECILIA BAILEY
Lullaby League / Poppy / Jitterbug GIOVANNA NESTICO
Lullaby League / Poppy / Madeline Monkey LUCY KACZMAR
Lollipop Guild / Poppy / Jitterbug SOPHIA BAILEY
Lollipop Guild / Poppy / Jitterbug LOGAN CHAPMAN
Lollipop Guild / Poppy / Jitterbug JILL KLIKA
Fiddler / Poppy / Jitterbug ISABELLE BAILEY
Braggart / Poppy / Mildred Monkey JAMIE MAYFIELD
School Teacher / Poppy / Mac Monkey KENDYL RUDLOSKY
School Teacher / Poppy / Jitterbug KAITLYN PHILLIPS
School Teacher / Poppy / Jitterbug ISABELLA ABUCEJO


Crow / Beautician / Jitterbug / Watto Winkie GRACIE THANASIU
Crow / Ozian / Jitterbug / Wilhelm Winkie ALEXIS ROBLES
Crow / Ozian / Jitterbug / Wanda Winkie HALEY GALLAGHER
Apple Tree / Manicurist / Jitterbug / Wendola Winkie SARAH CRAVEN
Apple Tree / Nikko / Wizard (u/s) / Wacky Winkie TED MANSFIELD
Apple Tree / Polisher / Jitterbug / William Winkie CHARLIE GRUHLER
Wilburt Winkie / Jitterbug / Ozian SABRINA REED
Webster Winkie / Jitterbug / Ozian KATIE KIDWELL
Wicked Winkie / Jitterbug / Ozian ELEK KITCHEN
Ozian / Jitterbug CAROLINE PALI
Ozian / Jitterbug ILONA KITCHEN
Ozian / Jitterbug EMMA ILG
Wonderful Winkie / Ozian / Jitterbug BRYSON LAMBES
Ozian / Jitterbug ELISE CLAWSON


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