8x10 TheatreFest Past Winners

The 2015 8x10 TheatreFest
July 10 to 12, 2015

Forensics Investigators take on a puzzling murder case which quickly spirals out of control and leads to an unbelievable conclusion. A longtime unhappily married husband and wife are obliged to play “The Happy Couple” when meeting their daughter’s future in-laws. A young man has to face his fears when sheltered in a basement during a tornado with his slightly oddball neighbors.

These were the scenarios of just three of the eight plays which were presented at Weathervane Playhouse on July 10, 11 and 12, 2015, at the fifth annual 8x10 TheatreFest.

All the plays had two things in common — each was 10 minutes long and each featured a hand mirror as a prop. The mirror served as the “inspiration” for this year’s contest. Over 230 plays were submitted to the Weathervane contest, and volunteer judges read and chose the top-eight plays. All finalist playwrights receive at least a $50 prize, and the top three — as determined by audience vote — receive $150, $250 and $350, respectively.

Audience members at this past weekend's performances also got to vote for the special prop “inspiration” for next year’s competition.

“Six of the eight playwrights this year traveled to Weathervane to see their plays come to life,” says 8x10 TheatreFest Coordinator Eileen Moushey. “And that was part of our excitement, too. Plus, it’s always great fun for the audiences to be able to choose the winners!”


Right after the final performance on Sunday, July 12,  all of the ballots from the weekend's three performances were tallied, and the winners — as determined by the audience members — were announced!


BLACK FRIDAY by Jennifer Tromble of North Tonawanda, New York
Directed by Ian Haberman
Featuring Meg Hopp, Alex Nine and Rachel Gehlert


PASSING THROUGH by Chris George of Houston, Texas
Directed by Melanie Pepe and Brandi Eaton
Featuring Adam Alderson and Eula "Bill" Roberts


ONE MAN SHOW, by Jason K. Melby of Van Nuys, California
Directed by Brian Westerley
Featuring Scott K. Davis, Alex Nine and Meg Hopp


Listed in alphabetical order by title:

MAKE-UP by Joe Lauinger of Ossining, New York
Directed by Brian Westerley
Featuring Richard Worswick and Sue Jeromson

MR. BASSETT by Gerald Williams of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Directed by Adam and Patti Alderson
Featuring Brian Westerley and Beth Geiser

MY SECOND PLAY by Heath Robertson of Fairbanks, Alaska
Directed by Meg Hopp
Featuring Kyla Williger, Jay Sigler and Mason Shuman

RIDE SHARE by Stanley Brown, of West Hollywood, California
Directed by Richard Worswick
Featuring Tom Barnes and Amanda Layman

SIRENS by Suzanne Hodsden of Akron, Ohio
Directed by Scott K. Davis
Featuring Jo McGarvey, Josh Rowe and Eula "Bill" Roberts


At the 2015 8x10 TheatreFest, the audience members chose an envelope of cash as the "inspirational prop" to be incorporated into the plays for the 2016 8x10 TheatreFest!

The 2014 8x10 TheatreFest
July 11 to 13, 2014


A Telegram in the World
of Smartphones
by Brandi Eaton of Stow, Ohio
Directed by Bill Morgan
and Pat Robertell-Hudson
Featuring Scott Keating Davis, Kyla Williger and Al Klesh

The Psycho's Path by Aaron McDavis of Rowlett, Texas
Directed by Ian Haberman
Featuring Harriet DeVeto, Scott Keating Davis, and Ian Haberman

You've Got the Wrong Dragon by Rebecca Gorman O'Neill of Denver, Colo.
Directed by Scott Keating Davis
Featuring Sue Jeromson and Danny O'Donnell

At the Wall by Bonnie Milne Gardner of Delaware, Ohio
Directed by Mary Mahoney
Featuring Zack Oliver and Mason Shuman

Dear Susan Love Harold by James Walczy of Hilton Head, S.C.
Directed by Constance Thackaberry
Featuring Tom Stephan and Linda Ryan

Keeper by Joy Gee of Sacramento, Calif.
Directed by Adam and Patty Alderson
Featuring Jo McGarvey and Morgan Csejtey

Love, Theatre, and Damn Yankees by E. Scott Icenhower of Greensboro, N.C.
Directed by Matt King
Featuring Abby Schramp and Mary Mahoney

Table For Two by James Caputo of San Diego, Calif.
Directed by Alex Nine
Featuring Ralph Cooley, Sue Jeromson, and Mason Shuman

The 2013 8x10 TheatreFest
July 16 to 18, 2013

The "Fan Favorite" Winner
Doubles Troubles by Ross Tandowsky of Tracy, California

First-Place Winner
Bad Thing by Mark Cornell of Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Second-Place Winner
Doubles Troubles by Ross Tandowsky of Tracy, California

Runners-Up (in alphabetical order)
Again by Benjamin Gorman of Columbus, Ohio
Hey, Hey, I Wanna Get Married by B.N. Reichenberger of Chicago, Illinois
Little Miss Understanding by Andrew Ade of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania
Shimmer by Tess Light of Los Alamos, New Mexico
Why Did I Marry an Illegal Alien? by Lenny Levy of Gaithersburg, Maryland
The Wife of Sisyphus by Walter Cuirle of Kensington, Maryland

The 2012 8x10 TheatreFest
July 13 to 15, 2012

First Place
The Bingo King by James Caputo
Directed by Jo McGarvey
Featuring Rachel Gehlert and Jo McGarvey

Second Place
Rules of Comedy by Patricia Cotter
Directed by Jeremy Lewis
Featuring Allison Good and Justin Edenhofer

Fan Favorite (voted by the audience)
How Dick and Jane Fell in Love by Lina Gallegos
Directed by Eileen Moushey
Featuring Rachel Gehlert and Gerard Neary

The Runners-Up included:

Duet in Platinum by James Allston
Directed by Scott K. Davis
Featuring Kaycee Zach and Adam Alderson

A Life-Time Warranty by Maureen Ann Connolly
Directed by Ron Cuirle
Featuring Tracy Jackson, Sue Jeromson and Scott K. Davis

Waiting For Baby by Christina Blosco
Directed by Greg Bealer
Featuring Kaycee Zach, Julie Schrader and Marci Paolucci

The Silver Bullet by Joe Lauinger
Directed by Alex Nine and assisted by Chanda Porter
Featuring Adam Alderson, Mike Pitt and Alison Crawford

Goodnight, Sweet Prince by Barbara Bleier
Directed by Gerard Neary
Featuring Kevin Murphy and Olivia Wilde

The 2011 8x10 TheatreFest
July 15 to 17, 2011

First Place and Fan Favorite (voted by the audience)
Trips with Grandma by Pat Robertell-Hudson
Directed by Bill Morgan
Featuring Annie Meyer-Steinheiser, Joshua Smalley and Lorena Goold

Second Place
Worth Waiting For by Erin Bunting
Directed by Jo McGarvey
Featuring Jo McGarver, Conor McGarvey and Kevin McGarvey

The Runners-Up Included:
Bear-Ly Legal: A Love Story by Marek Muller of Littleton, Colo.
Directed by Ian Haberman
Featuring Rachel Gehlert, Matthew J. Wilk, and Ian Haberman

Crossing the Line by Seth Freeman of Pacific Palisades, Calif.
Directed by Jo McGarvey
Featuring Conor McGarvey and Kevin McGarvey

The Kid’s Menu by Richard Vetere of Flushing, New York.
Directed by Alan Scott Ferrall
Featuring Michael Pitt and Rachel Gehlert

Ridiculously Overpriced Coffee by Kelly Butler of Hixson, Tenn.
Directed by Emily Cuirle
Featuring Roxana Kalteisen and Robert Branch

That Sucking Sound by Al Kline of Creswell, Oregon.
Directed by Ron Cuirle
Featuring Christopher Holmok and Katy Milane

Vatican 3G by Joe Starzyk of Troy, New York
Directed by Jeremy Lewis
Featuring Ross Rhodes and Robert C. Fockler

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