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Announcing the cast of "Peter Pan"!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 3:21:00 PM

Congratulations to our cast of Peter Pan! We had a record number of talented young actors audition for this production. It was a privilege to see so many amazing young people! There were many factors which went into casting this production. We looked at singing, acting and dancing as well as conflicts with the rehearsal and performance schedule and the role requirements. If you did not get cast, please know that you did a fantastic job and you should be proud. There were many actors whom we could not include in this production but I look forward to seeing you continue to grow!
~ Sarah Bailey   

"Peter Pan"

Cast List

Peter Pan: Gracie Thanasiu

Wendy/Jane Darling: Emma Ilg

Michael Darling: Jake Spencer

John Darling: Stanley Niekamp

Mrs. Darling/Grown Wendy/Rising Flower (Indian): Mary Grace Corrigan

Mr. Darling/Hook: Douglas Lizak

Nana/Crocodile: Connor Clawson

Liza/Tiger Lily: Sabrina Reed

Smee: Charlie Gruhler


Lost Boys

Slightly: Wilson Ha

Tootles: Henry Gruhler

Curly: Andre Rudloskey

Nibs: Lucy Jane Geiser

1st Twin: Gia Abucejo

2nd Twin: Giovanna Nestico

Shorty: Casey Ha

Slim: Sophia Bailey

Gerber: Tyler Montgomery

Spanky: Bella Abucejo

Froggie: Sara Ha

Scout: Wesley Nelson

Crimp: Lydia Ilg

Twigg: Joshua Abucejo

Blightly: Gabriella Nestico


The Pirates

Starkey: Jonathan Merechant

Cecco: Julia Mercier

Noodler: Jamie Mayfield

Mullins: Elek Kitchen

Jukes: Alexis Robles

Mulroy: Paul Cinko

Grapple: Parker Thompson

Weatherby: Lukas Cinko

Madeye: Gabi Ilg

Gully: Morgan Isabella



First Brave: Autumn Reed

Rising Tide:  Isabelle Bailey

Lotus Blossom: Hannah Coleman

Little Big Panther: Kendyl Rudlosky

Resting Waters: Molly Hollenbaugh

Kocoum: Madison Renner

Willow feather:  Sydney Grossman

Dancing coyote: Lucy Kaczmar

Cuyahoga: Ilona Kitchen


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